Our Story

Founded in 2016 by Brad McQueen, McQueen Media is a Digital Marketing and Design Agency based in Hertfordshire, UK.

The sole “Why” of McQueen Media is to provide businesses with clear solutions to create better experiences with their clients.

This was only ever going to be achievable by focusing on the elements that make these desires possible.

A little backstory on founder, Brad McQueen

Brad first started his journey into this industry in 2015 after retiring as a competitive driver in professional Drifting. Throughout his time in competitive driving, he always had a great interest in Marketing & Design.

At the age of 30, he returned to education for 2 years, studying for an Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing.

During that time he fell in love with aspects of creative skills that are required to be a successful marketer. These skills included Design, Videography, Photography, UI/UX Design. Brad spent a considerable amount of his spare time researching, learning and practicing these skill sets.

Our Story

Over the last 7 years, he has extended his knowledge and skills in graphic design, web design, UX/UI design, videography and photography.

McQueen Media has successfully:

  • Created outstanding performance for paid ad campaigns on Meta and Google
  • Consulted a variety of businesses to improve workflow and productivity
  • Helped implement smooth internal processes with businesses using an array of platforms and connecting the experiences through seamless APIs

McQueen Media is more than just an agency

Our aim has always been to listen to our clients first and foremost. We then work together to:

  • Identify pain points
  • Define the goals
  • Identify the root cause of issues
  • Devise a list of solutions or options
  • Evaluate the options and agree on them
  • Implement the solutions
  • Evaluate the implemented solutions
  • Continuously try to monitor and improve

Become part of our team


– Freelancers

– Post-graduates

– Talent

– Influencers

We are always in search for new people with
talent and skills in the Design, Web Development,
Marketing & all that Jazz.

Whether you’re a season professional, freshly graduated,
we could have an opportunity for you.

We believe that even if your starting out,
we will welcome you even on street credit.

Careers at McQueen Media

Accelerate your career or just get that super lit portfolio piece!